La Empresa

Damascotex S.L. develops its activity in the textile market since 1993 with a team of people with ample experience in the sector. About 90% of our production is specialized in Jacquard fabric and stretched fabric in direct applications destined for the mattress producing sector. The diversity of our products has allowed to specialize in other fields such as table cloths, quilts, and tapestries among other.

Our vision in machinery innovation allows us to evolve day after day towards new fabrics incorporating new materials, finishing's, and customized designs for each client and therefore anticipating to the new necessities of the market.

The quality, service and experience in the sector are one of the main advantages that have allowed us to constitute a solid national market and to reach an internationalization process.

Our mission is to be well known for our excellent customer treatment while we inform them of our range of products with the insurance that they will receive an excellent appreciation.